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  • Why choose Bensons International Academy?

    It is a home away from home where every child is nurtured amidst natural surrounding with lush green atmosphere embarking discipline and etiquettes. we provide opportunities to support our students' social, emotional, and physical needs along with their academic needs.

  • What grades does Bensons International Academy teach?

    It starts from LKG – Grade 6 extending each year.

  • What is the ratio of teachers and students?


  • Does Learning happen outside classroom?

    Yes, activities take place outside the classroom to make learning more effective.

  • What is the qualification and experience of the teachers?

    All teachers are well qualified as per the guidelines set by Education department. We have well- experienced and creative teachers.

  • Do students get personal attention?

    Yes, students are given personal attention especially the slow learners are duly taken care of.

  • Does teacher training happen every year?

    Yes, Workshops are conducted for teachers to adapt to the current teaching requirements to enhance their teaching skills.

  • How are the students assessed?

    Students are assessed as per the board guidelines.

  • How are the teachers assessed?

    There is a periodic check on teaching skills by the experts to ensure effective teaching.

  • Is there frequent change in teaching faculty?


  • Is transportation facility provided?

    Yes, there is transportation facility wherein the students are accompanied by a matron to ensure student’s safety.

  • How is the Sanitary Facility of the school?

    There is a separate washroom for boys and girls.

  • How do parents keep track of the studies?

    Parents teacher meeting is conducted periodically where the parents shall resolve their queries related to studies.

  • Are there opportunities for parent involvement?

    Parents remain the most important and influential people in their children's lives, and we encourage them to be an active part of their child’s learning journey, both inside and outside the classroom.

  • How is security handled?

    Families can rest assured that security is an essential consideration for Bensons International Academy where safety of the students is a prime concern.



Bensons International Academy (BIA) is recognized as one of the premiere schools in Belgaum, Karnataka . Established in 2012, BIA has a proud heritage of providing quality education and our vision guides all school improvement efforts with a special emphasis on intellectual development and cross-cultural understanding.



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