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“Hygiene is two-third of health.” Keeping our hands clean is one of the most key steps in order to avoid spreading of germs and keeping healthy because hands are the most exposed part of one's body. A workshop on hand hygiene was held by KLE INSTITUTE OF NURING SCIENCE, BELAGAVI at Benson Intenational Academy, Benkanhalli for all the students and staff. The main objective of the workshop was to ensure that students learn how to maintain hand hygiene and to keep them away from various types of communicable diseases. The children were also explained how bacteria spreads through our different sense organs. The workshop aimed at making children aware about different ways of washing hands and the importance of using soap or hand wash. Dr. Ashok Kamat and his team of doctors and practitioners from the institute spoke on precautionary measures on hand hygiene to keep them away from germs. A demonstration was also given for a better understanding of washing hands properly, to the children. The children enjoyed the session and learnt a valuable lesson through the workshop.