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"Teachers Workshop"

'' Change is the only constant. Be the change you want to see in the world''. The influence of a teacher can never be erased. Today, the 21st of September was a day of great impact for the teachers of Bensons International Academy, Bensons English Medium High School, Yamanapur and Kamalabai Nirani English Medium High School, Bagalkot. a one day workshop was organised to equip teachers with skills required for better performance. The Venue of the workshop was the serene ambiance of Bensons International Academy. Spiritual leader Pastor Vijay prakash shared the Scripture message from the Bible and invoked God's blessings upon the institutions, the Staff as well as the success of the programme. The dignitaries lit the lamp, a gesture done to symbolize rising upward for a better and brighter future. Session 1: A very dynamic personality, playing multifaceted roles and catering to the wellness of society, Dr. Spurthi Mastiholi threw light on the fact that life has ample number of definitions based on each individual's experience. Life skills like self awareness, empathy, effective communication and effective tools that help handle situations whether in personal or professional life were discussed in detail, thus helping teachers realise their potential and understand the vital role they play in moulding the character and future of the students under their care. Session 2) Funny Games were conducted keeping in view that relaxation is of equal importance for a person to be able to perform better. Session 3) Motivational Speaker and trainer Madam Kinjal Amte conducted a session on classroom management, time management and anger management, how to communicate effectively by incorporating group activities to make it a more interactive session, thus empowering the teachers to utilise the skill of team building to resolve matters of concern, eliminate the negative aspects and achieve an excellent outcome. Tips like Daily schedule, making to do lists, using a planner were shared as they help to perform one's level best. The last session was really the attraction of the day. To help teachers realise the importance of recreation in order to be rejuvenated Zumba hour was organised to instill the understanding in teachers that they need to have quality self-time, as this will boost their morale and help them go the extra mile to make a difference in their own life. Eventually the day gave them lots of learning which will help them to accelerate professional & Personal performance. Grateful to eminent speakers, Management, Staff and support staff for their valuable contribution to make this one day workshop a Grand Success.